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Yakubov opens the door to the heart of the Diamond Exchange


The Yakubov brand launches a new store within the Diamond Exchange center and opens a door to the close and secret world of diamonds.

This is the first time the diamond exchange opens its doors for consumers that are not a part of the industry/trade, which adds to the uniqueness of Yakubov's jewelry.” The concept of the new store is offering first hand, luxury jewelry, at lower rates then any other jewelry store which are located in shopping areas" says store manager, Daniel Yakubov.

Come enjoy astonishing designs in affordable prices.

After its success in the international markets in Europe, Hong Kong and New York, the Yakubov group expands its activities and opens a new jewelry store in the Israeli Diamond Stock Exchange.

Yakubov believes that "Diamonds Are for Everyone", and promises to provide fashionable diamond jewelry in convenient prices for everyone.

At Yakubov, they think highly of the importance of the direct relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, and therefore they grant a life time warrantee for the jewelry in the various collections. As a manufacturer of diamonds and jewelry, Yakubov offers a variety of additional services, such as: renovation and repair of jewelry, setting gemstones, and designing personal jewelry by order.

At Yakubov, you can enjoy a wide variety of creative and innovative jewelry, designed by in-house designer Gali Warshai, a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. Inspired by nature, the designs feature sensual, fluid lines, and are all handcrafted in the company’s manufacturing facilities in Israel. set with our famous quality diamonds, manufactured in the company's factories in Israel and abroad using advanced manufacturing techniques and in the highest qualities.

All the diamonds manufactured and sold by Yakubov are evaluated by expert gemologists in order to ensure their quality.

The company offer a wide range of prices, from casual to their most luxurious line of products.

The Yakubov family is a third generation in the diamond industry. The chairman, Itzhak Yakubov says that the decision to launch a line of diamond jewelry was a natural outgrowth of the company’s diamond manufacturing activities. “We’ve been manufacturing diamonds for 25 years. As a diamond company we see the jewelry as a way to highlight our stones and that’s why most pieces feature large center stones. We felt that we could offer the consumer an important advantage. By buying jewelry from the diamond manufacturer there is significant price benefit. We offer original designs at affordable rates”.

Without mediators and third parties, we offer our customers the high quality jewelry in the best and most attractive prices available in the market today.

Yakubov offers its customers a unique and unforgettable experience. A personal meeting grants you a fascinating glance into the world of diamonds, providing you with all the essential information regarding the correct purchase of diamonds. With the assistance of a certified gemologist, you will find the perfect diamond for you.

Yakubov invites you to select your jewelry from a unique collection, or they can design it according to your personal taste. Either way, the result is a jewelry which matches you perfectly, and a quality and price no one can compete.

To schedule a personal consultation meeting please call: +972-3-5751155 
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