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February 2009 - launching the first Jewelry Store

Yakubov opens the door to the heart of the Diamond Exchange

The Yakubov Group launches a new store within the Diamond Exchange center and opens a door to the close and secret world of diamonds.

This is the first time the diamond exchange opens its doors for consumers that are not a part of the industry/trade, which adds to the uniqueness of Yakubov jewelry. "The concept of the new store is offering first hand, luxury jewelry, at lower rates then any other jewelry store which are located in shopping areas." says the Jewelry department manager, Daniel Yakubov.

After its success in the international markets in Europe, Hong Kong and New York, the Yakubov group expands its activities and opens a new jewelry store in the Israeli Diamond Stock Exchange. The new Jewelry brand offers a wide range of prices, from casual to their most luxurious line of products.

At Yakubov, you can enjoy a wide variety of creative and innovative jewelry, Inspired by nature, the designs feature sensual, fluid lines, and are all handcrafted in the company’s manufacturing facilities in Israel.

Yakubov invites you to select your jewelry from a unique collection, or design it according to your personal taste. A personal meeting with a certificated gemologist will provide you with all the essential information regarding the correct purchase of diamonds. Either way, the result is a jewelry which matches you perfectly, and a quality and price no one can compete.

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