Welcome To Yakubov Group, one of the leading companies in the world for Diamonds  & Jewelry 

Yakubov Group is Diamonds & Jewelry manufacturer for more than 30 years
Our Diamonds
Yakubov Group of Companies prides itself on the craftsmanship of our diamonds.
We strive to bring you a superior product at a competitive price thereby enabling us to present you with the highest standards in polished diamonds. 

Most of our diamonds are either Excellent or Very Good Cut grades, with Excellent and Very Good polish and symmetry.  One look at our makes will have you coming back for more and your clients will always be satisfied with a Yakubov diamond.

Specializing in rounds and fancy squares, we manufacture from 0.30 carats up to 5.00 carats and larger. Most of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America - GIA, the undisputed authority in diamond grading certificates.